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ARA College Code – 06153

ARA College Code – 06153

Dhole Patil College of Physiotherapy

Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra. Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS).
Recognised by Maharashtra State OTPT Council, Mumbai.

Department of Community Physiotherapy

HOD Message 

               The Community Physiotherapy Department focuses on delivering physiotherapy services within the broader community, beyond traditional clinical settings. Here’s an overview:


  1. Community-Based Care:

   – Home Visits: Providing physiotherapy services directly at the homes of individuals who may face challenges accessing a clinic.

   – Community Centre’s: Offering services in community centre’s, schools, or workplaces to increase accessibility.


  1. Preventive Care:

   – Health Promotion: Conducting programs to promote physical activity, prevent injuries, and educate the community on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

   – Screening Clinics: Organizing clinics to identify and address early signs of musculoskeletal or functional issues.


  1. Special Populations:

   – Geriatric Physiotherapy: Addressing the unique needs of the elderly population, focusing on mobility, balance, and independence.

   – Paediatric Physiotherapy: Providing services for children with developmental or movement-related challenges.


  1. Community Outreach:

   – Collaboration with Local Organizations: Working with community organizations, schools, and healthcare providers to promote overall community well-being.

   – Health Workshops: Conducting workshops on injury prevention, ergonomics, and other relevant topics.


  1. Rehabilitation Support:

   – Chronic Disease Management: Assisting individuals with chronic conditions in managing their symptoms and maintaining function.

   – Post-Surgical Home Care: Providing rehabilitation support for individuals recovering from surgeries in their home environment.


The Community Physiotherapy Department plays a crucial role in bringing physiotherapy services directly to the community, promoting health, preventing injuries, and improving the overall well-being of diverse populations.

Department Objectives

    1. To develop a well-equipped department with advanced technology in order to train physiotherapy students at the grassroots level of the community.
    2.  To train our future physiotherapist to be an empathetic health professional especially for the special population of the community who have difficulty in healthcare access.
    3. To establish the department as a source of research development for students in the core community.
    4. To inculcate the ability of rehabilitation within the community using the community.
    5.   To be a part of decision making team regarding the policies for the welfare of special communities (PWDs, Women, Elderly, Children , etc)
    6.  To be able to identify with clinical reasoning the prevailing contextual factors responsible for various dysfunctions and morbidity related to sedentary lifestyle and specific communities like women, children, elderly as well as industrial workers using ICF and describe strategies of interventional policies to combat such problems at community level. 
    7.  To develop the strategies to assess prevalence and incidence of conditions those is high risk of morbidity in community and establish a role of PT in prevention and rehabilitation of the same.
    8. To enable the community to increase the control over their own health for improvement under adequate guidance 
    9. To inculcate the responsible behavior and decision making capabilities within our students for any future disaster management.
    10. To demonstrate knowledge and disciplinary concepts related to the field of Community Physiotherapy to students.
    11. To teach our future generation of therapists to have a holistic approach towards health and fitness of every individual of the community without any discrimination.


    “The vision of the Community Physiotherapy department focuses on academics and it is renowned for excellence in community physiotherapy education, research, and clinical practice. We aspire to advance the field through innovative teaching methodologies, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cutting-edge research initiatives that enhance our understanding of health and rehabilitation. Our ultimate goal is to foster the development of future leaders in community physiotherapy who will shape the future of patient care, education, and research in this specialized field.”


    “The mission of the Community Physiotherapy department is to educate, train, and empower future physiotherapy professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to provide evidence-based, patient-centered care for individuals with all conditions. Through rigorous academic programs, clinical experiences, and research opportunities, we aim to cultivate compassionate, competent clinicians who are equipped to address the complex needs of the patients across the lifespan.”