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ARA College Code – 06153

ARA College Code – 06153

Dhole Patil College of Physiotherapy

Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra. Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS).
Recognised by Maharashtra State OTPT Council, Mumbai.

Department of Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

HOD Message 

The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiotherapy department specializes in the assessment and treatment of conditions related to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Physiotherapists in this department play a crucial role in helping individuals with heart and lung issues improve their overall function and quality of life.

  1. Cardiovascular Physiotherapy:

   – Focuses on rehabilitation after cardiac events, such as heart attacks or surgeries.

   – Involves exercise programs to improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and overall heart health.

   – Addresses risk factors like hypertension and works on lifestyle modifications.

  1. Respiratory Physiotherapy:

   – Concentrates on conditions affecting the respiratory system, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and pneumonia.

   – Includes techniques to improve lung function, breathing patterns, and respiratory muscle strength.

   – Involves chest physiotherapy to assist in clearing mucus and improving lung ventilation.

Both cardiovascular and respiratory physiotherapy aim to enhance aerobic capacity, reduce symptoms, and improve the overall well-being of individuals with heart and lung conditions. Physiotherapists in these departments often work closely with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care.

Department Objectives


    • To develop a well-equipped advanced high-tech laboratory for cardio respiratory equipment’s to train Physiotherapy students.
    • To inculcate the concepts of applied anatomy and physiology of the Cardiovascular and Respiratory system along with pathological changes in various systems among the undergraduate and postgraduate students.
    • To acquire knowledge to execute and interpret skills such as exercise testing, PFT, ABG, chest X-ray, ankle brachial index, arterial & venous insufficiency tests.
    • To acquire psychomotor skills to implement appropriate bronchial hygiene therapy, CPR, Intensive care & energy conservation advice for patients with cardio-vascular & pulmonary dysfunction.
    • To establish the department as a source of research for UG & PG students.
    • To collaborate with other departments in order to carry out interdepartmental innovation activities and research.
    • To develop behavioral skills and humanitarian approach while communicating with the patient, relatives and larger society.
    • To develop interpersonal skills in order to refine them for their clinical practice


    “The vision of the Cardiovascular Physiotherapy department focuses on academics and it is renowned for excellence in cardiovascular physiotherapy education, research, and clinical practice. We aspire to advance the field through innovative teaching methodologies, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cutting-edge research initiatives that enhance our understanding of cardiovascular health and rehabilitation. Our ultimate goal is to foster the development of future leaders in cardiovascular physiotherapy who will shape the future of patient care, education, and research in this specialized field.”


    “The mission of the Cardiovascular Physiotherapy department is to educate, train, and empower future physiotherapy professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to provide evidence-based, patient-centered care for individuals with cardiovascular conditions. Through rigorous academic programs, clinical experiences, and research opportunities, we aim to cultivate compassionate, competent clinicians who are equipped to address the complex needs of cardiovascular patients across the lifespan.”